EnerCom is the leading Energy Choice agency in the nation with highly qualified staff and experienced agents.

We realize you are very busy and need time to evaluate and arrive at a decision, and our representatives will be always available to address your concerns.

So, Why Choose EnerCom …

vs. The Utility

  • EnerCom’s suppliers are able to react to changes in the market more quickly.
  • EnerCom offers more options in pricing models and terms.
  • EnerCom is able to offer longer term fixed pricing.

vs. Another Broker

  • EnerCom represents approximately 30 competitive suppliers; most brokers represent significantly less.
  • EnerCom is licensed in eight states and contracted to work in several more.
  • EnerCom has been in business since 1998.
  • We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and an excellent Dunn & Bradstreet Credit Rating.
  • We currently represent over 8,000 accounts.

vs. A Supplier Direct

  • No supplier is competitive in every utility all the time; EnerCom has approximately 30 competitive suppliers to work with. We truly shop the market for you.
  • We are not bound to the ups and downs of any single supplier.
  • EnerCom is supplier-neutral:
    – We are not bound to the current supplier at renewal.
    – We can contract you with multiple suppliers for different locations if it maximizes your savings.