Energy deregulation allows competitive energy suppliers to purchase electricity and natural gas on the market at a competitive rate. However, many business owners across the nation are not aware that deregulation exists. Other companies find the programs offered by competitive energy suppliers to be complex, technical, and confusing. EnerCom is here to help you make the switch to an competitive energy or natural gas supplier as simple as possible. We will also review your utility bills for possible refunds, and future savings, that you might be eligible. Our understanding of supplier programs allows us to present them clearly to you so you can select your best supplier with the lowest rates.

Reducing the cost of your electricity and natural gas will not involve any investment on your part. Your business will continue to receive distribution, billing, emergency services, and the standard fees from its current utility. However, by signing an agreement with one of our suppliers, you will receive your lowest rate. EnerCom is currently licensed to do business in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

EnerCom can help you to save on your electricity and natural gas bills. We are not an competitive energy supplier. Rather, we are The Leading Energy Choice Agency representing the leading major competitive suppliers of electricity and natural gas. We truly shop the current energy and natural gas markets to find the lowest rates for you. Our suppliers can guarantee your rates for a set time or can offer month to month agreements for customers that prefer not to be committed.

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EnerCom can help you to save on your electricity and natural gas bills. Request a free confidential quote below and a qualified EnerCom Energy Choice Savings Agent in your area will contact you.