EnerCom, Inc.

Commercial and Industrial Energy Choice Services
When it comes to finding the best electricity and natural gas rate for our customers, few can match EnerCom's knowledge of the electricity and natural gas markets. This experience allows us to find your best rates and maximize your utility cost savings.

Our Process

When it comes to obtaining the lowest electricity or natural gas rate for our customers, there are few in the industry that can match EnerCom's knowledge of the major competitive energy suppliers and their competitive rates. All quotes for our customers are quickly processed by our account manager so you can review the proposed rates as soon as possible.

Why should I choose EnerCom and not deal with an Energy Consultant to assess my situation?

EnerCom is not an energy consultant and does not claim to be one. Professional energy consultants are very helpful assisting a business to make the correct energy decisions. Our knowledge of the competitve electricity and natural gas markets in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania is unsurpassed and allows us to find the best competitive rates.

If you are interested in finding the best rates, please speak with your EnerCom agent or call our offices to discuss your needs. A copy of your recent electric / gas bill and some simple paperwork are all that is necessary.