EnerCom is a customer-oriented organization committed to saving our customers money on their utility bills. Our home office is located in Bingham Farms, Michigan, and we have been in existence since 1998. EnerCom currently has, on average, 40 trained Energy Choice Savings Agents and a full time staff.

EnerCom was established with a single goal in mind: to alert business owners about energy deregulation and help them to save on their utility bills. We decided to represent most of the major electricity and natural gas suppliers. EnerCom currently has contracts with approximately 30 electricity and/or natural gas suppliers nationwide. We are licensed in the States of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Our mission is to put our customers’ goals first by finding you the best competitive energy supplier that fits your needs and provides the best rates, savings, and reliability of service. It is our belief that the customer’s best interests must be the driving force behind our selection.

EnerCom greatly values integrity. We act only in the best interests of our customers, and we will openly and honestly address any concerns regarding your current and future energy needs.