EnerCom is proud to represent OptimalLED and their line of energy efficient LED bulbs and fixtures for lighting retrofits and new builds. OptimalLED maximizes the economics of LED lighting with the top of the line products packaged with the best pricing, warranties and financing. LED lighting represents a quantum leap in energy efficiency over the previous generation of lighting it is replacing with energy reductions of 50%-75%.

LED lighting:

Reduces the power consumption of existing lighting by 50%-75%

  • lowers your energy costs
  • lowers your carbon footprint

Provides longer bulb life

  • lowers replacement costs
  • lowers maintenance costs

Produces better lighting

  • full color spectrum
  • highest visually effective lumens
  • fewer burnouts
  • more consistent brightness and coloring
  • no flicker, instant on, dimmable

Increases the value of your facility

  • increases the property’s market value
  • increases the appeal of your facility to its occupants
  • increases the wellbeing of your facility’s occupants

And it gets better still. As good as LED lighting is, OptimalLED takes the economics of LED lighting to the next level:

  • direct relationship with the manufacturer cuts out the middle man and associated costs
  • 10 year / 100,000 hour warranty on all products – the best in the industry
  • 100% financing at very low or 0% interest rates, usually with no out-of-pocket expense
  • less than 2-year payback on projects – often times way less than 2 years!
  • total turnkey package – products, installation, financing and utility rebate processing