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EnerCom, Inc. is the Leading Alternative Energy Savings Agency in the nation, dedicated to dramatically reducing your business's payments on electricity and natural gas. EnerCom will also seek refunds on all your utility bills when applicable.
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The Nation's Leading Alternative
  Energy Savings Agency

EnerCom Inc. is the leading alternative energy savings agency in the nation. EnerCom represents the leading major alternative energy suppliers (AES) of electricity and natural gas in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Our Utility Refund service finds "buried treasure" in your utility bills.

Our Services

Our Alternative Energy Services

Energy deregulation allows alternative energy suppliers to purchase electricity and natural gas on the market at a competitive rate. However, many business owners across the nation are not currently taking advantage of the opportunities that deregulation provides. EnerCom, Inc. is here to help you make the switch to an alternative energy supplier as effortless as possible.

Our Process

Our Alternative Energy Process

EnerCom Inc's extensive knowledge of the electricity and natural gas markets allows us to assess competitive supply rates. When it comes to obtaining the best electricity or natural gas rates for our clients, there are few in this field that can compare to our knowledge of the major suppliers in the area of alternative energy.